Complete in-depth guide to add dark mode support, including strictly-typed color token, zero react context usage, and third party widget customization https://fatihkalifa.com/dark-mode-web
Small utility to help you add strict typing to your CSS variables. Framework agnostic, can be used in any CSS-in-JS flavor https://github.com/pveyes/theme-in-css
Discuss Tailwind with fellow Indonesian colleagues about pros & cons, use cases, and supporting tools!
My personal coding theme. Aperture for VS Code. This theme is carefully designed to be pleasant to look, yet not distracting. Available in dark and light variant, this theme help you to focus more ...
My first full-time job. Software Engineer Web at Traveloka
Playing around with CSS Paint API to create generative blobs https://twitter.com/surabaya_js/status/1309795148457373697?s=20
Co-speaking with my colleague (Ryan) on how we build performance culture https://developersonair.withgoogle.com/events/partnersforumid
Sharing my experience improving Traveloka web performance to achieve ~2x faster loading time https://medium.com/traveloka-engineering/improving-traveloka-web-performance-975d3b406f01
Playing around with Twitter API and sentiment analysis to find most recent complains to one of major ISPs in Indonesia. https://github.com/pveyes/indihmm
Finally implemented code hint in my code sample using compiler diagnostic from TypeScript. With this change, I can explain code sample more concisely by referring to its type. Reader can explore & ...
Wrote blog post about authoring custom elements inside a Next.js app. My blog is now a hybrid between web components and React element. https://fatihkalifa.com/lit-next